As parents, it’s in our nature to worry about our children when they are in the care of others. It doesn’t matter if our kids are with people we trust, things happen right?

Give yourself peace of mind by creating a parental POA. A parental POA gives temporary guardianship over your children to those they are in the care of. For example, say your children are spending the summer with Grandma and Grandpa, create a parent POA so that your parents can make decisions on your behalf and for your children in the event of an accident. 

A parental POA is a very simple statutory form that you can find and fill out for the state that you live in, but do be mindful that there are some restrictions that vary by state. 

In Arizona parental POA’s are only good for a maximum of six months, so make sure you plan in advance, but not too far in advance!

It’s also our recommendation to provide those who will be caring for your children with other key documents. We recommend making copies of your child’s birth certificate, vaccination records, and insurance cards. Send these copies along with a parental POA and give yourself peace of mind while your little ones are away.