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Legal counsel and business plan services for owners, including entity consulting and formation, and succession planning.

We assist our clients in all aspects of business plan and organization, including forming corporations, limited liability companies, and other entities. We assist our clients in the day-to-day issues facing all business owners, including reviewing or preparing agreements and counseling to resolve typical business planning challenges.

We have extensive experience in the formation and structuring of new businesses and ensuring that all legal requirements are met. We also work regularly with established businesses. Our services includes corporate law, limited liability company and partnership law, and business succession planning.

Entity Consulting
The corporation is the traditional entity chosen for businesses. The corporation offers creditor protection to shareholders. There are generally two types of corporations: the “C” corporation and the “S” corporation. The critical distinction is that an “S” Corporation generally passes its taxable income or loss directly through to the shareholders, while a “C” type corporation will pay taxes on the corporate income directly. Both the “C” and the “S” corporations provide creditor protection. We will work with your tax advisors, or refer you to top tax advisors with whom we regularly work, to select the right entity for you.

Limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships are popular alternatives to corporation. Both offer the limited liability protection of a corporation with the convenience of a partnership. We can help you determine if this type of entity is appropriate for your business.

Certain business activities may be more appropriately conducted in the form of a general partnership, a limited partnership, or a joint venture. We are experienced in helping clients determine which form is most appropriate for their business venture, and assisting them in the formation and structure of their partnership.

Creating buy-sell agreements to protect the business and its owners in the event of the death or disability of one of the owners is critical to the survival of the business in such circumstances. We have practical knowledge and experience working with businesses and families in planning for the death, disability, retirement, or withdrawal of an owner, which is critical to preserving, protecting and realizing the value of a business under such conditions.

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