Do you know the risks of not disclosing your assets to your estate attorney? 

What about the precautions you should take to protect your wishes should something tragic occur? 

Did you even know that this was such a thing and that NOT disclosing your assets could result in disaster?

When building a trust, it is paramount to provide ALL of your known assets to your estate attorney – or you could risk the chance of probate!

Probate = MORE added costs, MORE time, and MORE headache.

Regardless if the asset is BIG or SMALL, DISCLOSE!

As a trustee, it’s important to feel secure in retitling assets, ensuring proper funding, and that no asset is overlooked in the trust process. Reviewing your trust with your estate planning attorney can help decrease this possibility by giving you some examples – especially if it was missed the first time around!

🔹 Certificated Stocks/Bonds

🔹 Oil/Gas/Mineral Interest

🔹 Timeshares

If there is a chance that you, or a loved one, did not disclose various assets there is a possibility of utilizing small estate affidavits rather than probate. However, these do have their limitations and should not be depended on to collect non-disclosed assets!

Do you have assets missing from your trust? 

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